5.S Audio applies to use in concerts/bars/clubs

5.S D-SERIES manifold applications in art performance/dramshop/clubs

5.S Audio applies to use in big gymnasium

5.S D-SERIES products are widely use in various types of gymnasiums where amplification provided.

5.S Audio

Perfect Sound, Great Enjoyment!

5.S Series for conference

5.S JS SERIES/TT SERIES is intended for use in airports, shopping malls and conference halls, where the demands of the sound amplification must met.



LY-D linear speaker is a matrix system for bar and house DJ club, which can provide large SPL, wide frequency response and high analysis rate. The sound is clear and pleasant. The LY-D series is available for different distances and coverage angles. Ideal for use in stage, big show, disco, music room, theatre, auditorium or outdoor activities. The LY-D matrix is a non-linear system and available for upgrade, which can be easily reconfigured to use for different scale of bars, such as the theaters with thousands of people and large stages.


  • Treble driver: The HF compression drive unit uses the most high-end neodymium magnetic horn unit, B&C customized originally imported from European. The diaphragm is made of PU and Ti, which is elaborate and make the sound sweet, delicate and soft.
  • Bass Unit: Using B&C international customized and imported loudspeaker unit, unique magnetic circuit design, faster cooling medium, and with double-side moisture-proof gluing paper cone, which makes the LF sound full and soft with jus.
  • Horn: The most advanced CFRP made by mold process. The sound phase and sound diffusion are designed by French acoustics research.


LY-D15 Fullrange Matrix Loudspeaker

LYD-15 treble is a 2-way multi-functional full range loudspeaker system with customized treble from Italy and 1.5" throat neodymium magnetic compression drive unit. The SPL is up to (MAX SPL) 139dB and the frequency response is up to 500Hz-20000Hz. The woofer is 15"customized bass units originally imported from Italy and with frequency response up to 50Hz-4000Hz. As using special paper corn and cooling holes designed, the sound is more elastic, and gravelly. The loudspeaker can play its own role, with flexible installation and collocation mode that when multiple loudspeakers are used in a form, the LY-D series performance can be achieved, which results in continuous uniform wave front and similar dispersion patterns generated by various frequencies.