5.S Audio applies to use in concerts/bars/clubs

5.S D-SERIES manifold applications in art performance/dramshop/clubs

5.S Audio applies to use in big gymnasium

5.S D-SERIES products are widely use in various types of gymnasiums where amplification provided.

5.S Audio

Perfect Sound, Great Enjoyment!

5.S Series for conference

5.S JS SERIES/TT SERIES is intended for use in airports, shopping malls and conference halls, where the demands of the sound amplification must met.



5.S AUDIO, as always, constantly launch the products that able to set the industry standards.5.S is specialized in the design and development of HX series speaker to meet the demands of the flexibility and multi-function. In order to catch the market’s trend, the enclosure is designed as compact symmetrical polygon which make the speaker looks more beautiful and elegant. The enclosure is made of international Birch Plywood with 15mm, unique integrated speaker assembly technology with the technology of inlet structure, cold bonding, high pressure positioning and so on. The handle, support base and fittings are integrated, and the flexible fittings are in conformity with acoustic design requirements. The enclosure surface are protected by Polyurea paint which is high quality of wear-resisting, scratch-resistant, and waterproof functions. The woofer use high-power ultra-low distortion bass unit, while the treble use 90°x60°rotating square plastic steel horn. 1"throat compression drivers and optional full-range dual channel amplifier driver, gives the users more choices. Ideal for use in KTV, nightclub, club, and company activities, and provide powerful solutions.


  • High SPL output multi-functional full-range loudspeaker system with 2-way design
  • 1"horn unique design, customized driver originally imported from the European
  • 90°x60°rotating square plastic steel horn
  • 10" & 12"ultra-low distortion of bass unit
  • Full-range dual channel amplifier driver
  • Design for use in fixed installations, KTV, nightclub, near-field/midfield amplification and private club etc.