5.S Audio applies to use in concerts/bars/clubs

5.S D-SERIES manifold applications in art performance/dramshop/clubs

5.S Audio applies to use in big gymnasium

5.S D-SERIES products are widely use in various types of gymnasiums where amplification provided.

5.S Audio

Perfect Sound, Great Enjoyment!

5.S Series for conference

5.S JS SERIES/TT SERIES is intended for use in airports, shopping malls and conference halls, where the demands of the sound amplification must met.


5.S Audio

Since its foundation, 5.S Audio has been a professional audio brand dedicated to transmitting authentic and natural sound. In its products R&D, 5.S not only pursues brilliant timber, but seeks harmony between products appearance and function. 5.S remains high-demanding on its products, which can be reflected by its loudspeakers featuring excellent timber, its bass systems featuring strength and vigor, and its power amplifiers featuring high resolution. Thinking outside the box, 5.S makes audio system transmitting more of brilliance, strength, reliability, and authenticity than of mere sound. Calm your mind, and you will feel its distinctive sound of nature.

With superb technique and production technology from Germany, 5.S produces free-spirited and unfettered special timber, powerful VLF representation, and world-class professional standards. Particularly, the LY series targeting high-end entertainment in China perform unconstrained and untouchable characteristics. 

Every series of 5.S is developed by Tony according to advanced technologies and production techniques from Germany, thus guaranteeing that every product is capable of extracting unique frequency spectrum and tone quality of various musical instrument. 5.S firmly believes that complete brand glory and reputation can only be established through a complete set of high-quality audio system, including loudspeaker, power amplifier, digital processing unit, and microphone customized for customers with different demands.

Its unique and perfect design concepts derive from engineers’ pure love towards the electro-acoustic art, and from the ultimate pursuit of sound reproduction technology. 5.S engineers never compromise in the quality, durability, and reliability of products. They undertake elaborate R&D, select raw materials stringently, and demand high quality on every production process, thus ensuring that every product will be a masterpiece.